Pastor Ben Burkhardt

Ben currently serves as a pastor in the Oklahoma, serving along with his wife, Shiela, and their two daughters.

Ben has served as an overseas missionary teacher in South Korea (2009-2013), an international gospel evangelist, a Bible worker/teacher, and a soul winner for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ since 2003!

Clear Call Ministries began as a website Ben started while in Korea to share the gospel with a wider audience online, spreading the benefits of God's word far and near with family, friends, followers, students, and people newly interested in diving deeper into God's word from anywhere the internet reaches. Because of Ben's extensive travel in ministry work, the online community has helped everyone to stay connected!

Over the years, Ben has traveled to preach under this ministry,  sharing the clear call of God's word in these last days of earth's history.

Currently, Ben is focusing on his local pastoral church work in Oklahoma, yet continues to proclaim the word of God online to reach more souls for Jesus! The Clear Call Ministries online platforms enable him to share the gospel message near and far!

At present, Ben is NOT accepting outside speaking appointments involving travel. He is focused on his local churches and communities. In future years he may have more availability for meetings.

To connect with my online ministry resources, visit the home page.

God bless you!