Sharing God's truth to revive, refresh,

and save souls!

Ben is currently pastoring several congregations in Northwest Oklahoma. Because of his focus in these churches at this time, he is unable to do in-person meetings elsewhere.

Feeling the burden of God's message and the need to reach hearts both globally and locally, Ben still shares the word of God online through Social Media ministry. Hearts must be set on fire for Heaven with God's wonderful message of hope and love for Jesus and His truth in these last days!

This is the mission.


Ben has a Bible Podcast where you can listen to new weekly messages, a YouTube Channel for study, TikTok with short Bible videos, and other platforms for sharing God's truth online.

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Because life matters, we exist to revive, refresh, equip, and assist God's last-day people and churches, in drinking and sharing the Water of Life.


1) Revive - Live again, dry bones.

2) Equip - Learn to share life.

3) Proclaim - Life in Jesus for all!


To meet these needs, Ben does revival events, training events, and outreach-focused events (seed-sowing and reaping). ​

"Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life." - Acts 5:20